About Us

We don’t just offer wall art; we offer reflections of you.

Hi! We’re Poster Champs. 

We are two ex colleagues who over the years became good friends. We started Poster Champs seeing there was a demand for posters and prints that reflected people’s personal taste and style, so, we thought, “Why not help people express their personalities through the art they hang on their walls?” 

With Poster Champs we feel that we can meaningfully contribute to your vision for how your perfect home should look like. We want to help you to turn your home in a mirror of your personality and individuality, making every day more authentically you.


Love Your Home

With Poster Champs, make every corner of your home unmistakably yours.

Our Values


Home is a place where we should feel comfortable and at peace, and our personal style can help to create that feeling. We want to empower you to transform your home into an artful abode, where every wall reflects your essence.

Freedom in expression

We believe in celebrating individuality and personal style, and we aim to create a space where everyone can find something that speaks to their unique spirit.


We are continuously inspired by the world of art, and we strive to inspire creativity in our customers, providing them with the tools to express themselves.


Rooted in our foundation as a company started by two friends, we value the power of strong relationships.